7 Reasons Why People are Obsessed with the Hunt a Killer Subscription Box

Move over, documentaries and podcasts: there’s a subscription box called Hunt a Killer taking over the world of true crime obsessives that’s like an at-home escape room and a murder mystery party rolled into one. An actual review of the game says:

“Thoroughly enjoy it. It’s so realistic and easy to dig in to you lose yourself. If you love to read about or watch shows with serial killers and true crime, then this is your thing. I wait until everyone is in bed before I begin. Next thing I know, it’s 3 am. Just a warning for you. Highly recommend!"

And it turns out there are over sixty thousand other recreational detectives staying up past their bedtime to solve crimes. Hunt a Killer features sprawling stories that play out over the course of a number of boxes where you receive letters from (fictional) killers. You piece together their story by examining evidence, breaking codes and discovering clues — and become more and more obsessed in the process. Just try searching #huntakiller on any social media platform to see the blogs, videos and posts dedicated to the game...people are INTO IT.

Want to know how Hunt a Killer will get you hooked, too?

You’ll spend less time glued to your phone

The amount of time we spend in front of our devices has become a hot topic. Hunt a Killer takes your attention off electronic time-suckers and into the physical world, with items and clues you need to handle and study in order to crack the case. (But don’t worry: the stories have some online components, too, so you’ll still get your technology fix, just in a balanced way.)

You’ll take your crime obsession to the next level

If you’re the one your circle of friends turns to to hear about the latest crime story to binge, take things up a notch. Solving Hunt a Killer boxes takes you from being an observer of mysteries to a participant, putting you in the center of the action as the recipient of letters from a fictitious killers. The next thing you know, Dateline is going to be calling you for an interview.

Tired of the same old date night? Here’s something new

Going out for dinner and drinks on date night or watching a movie and making hot apps is cool — but it’s way cooler to solve a mystery. Instead of sitting next to each other on your phones, you could be putting your heads together over clues and passing each other evidence. You know what they say...the couple who hunts together, stays together. (They say that, right?) Hunt a Killer is an awesome night in that comes in a box. Plus they’re partnered with Winc so you can pair you crime-solving with a little wine.

It’s an experience delivered right to your door

Need we say more? So many of us are hooked on the convenience of having just about anything we want delivered to us. But getting a Hunt a Killer delivery is way more exciting than that razor delivery. They deliver an awesome continuing storyline right to you every month. It’s basically automated fun.

There’s a community to collaborate with

This isn’t like on TV when you hear about different police jurisdictions hiding information from each other — there is a huge network of people playing Hunt a Killer who are all about working together. Once you get your first box, you can join the official Facebook group to compare case notes, check out each other’s murder boards and meet new people.

It’s a fun way to get mindful and think critically

The Hunt a Killer boxes draw you in completely, forcing you to focus on one clue at a time as you work through the evidence in your box. That’s basically a sneaky way to get in some mindfulness, which, you probably know, has a host of benefits like the reduction of anxiety and depression, plus an increase in cognitive function.

Speaking of which, each box’s clues and cyphers are like mental jungle gyms, allowing you to use parts of your brain that don’t get worked out often. Critical thinking helps keep your mind healthy and alert (remember when everyone was doing Sudoku for this reason?)

You’ll get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Each of the boxes is a chapter in a larger story that plays out over the season, and like any good chapter, there are big reveals. You know that, “Oh, man!” feeling you get at the end of an episode of a show you love? Imagine that, but you are the character that looked at the evidence and did the work to make the big discovery. Those “a-ha!” moments are super satisfying.

You’ll be helping people affected by real crimes

Here’s one of the best parts: Hunt a Killer donates a portion of the proceeds from every box sold to the Cold Case Foundation, a non-profit organization that works toward closing unsolved cases and supporting the loved ones of victims. As fascinating as crime is, it’s important to acknowledge that it’s a real and painful part of the lives of many. Participating in Hunt a Killer makes you a conscious consumer of crime entertainment.

So what are you waiting for? Join the pack and get obsessed. You can start your first Hunt a Killer case today by clicking below. Happy hunting!