Hunt A Killer Season Enhancement


Thank you for your continued support and feedback. This is YOUR game, and we are constantly using your input to improve the Hunt A Killer experience. Two improvements are highlighted below. Expect many more changes in 2018!


First, we are introducing online Episode Recaps to replace the printed end-of-season recap.

This new tool will give you better guidance, allowing you to check your progress at the end of each episode. The new recaps also feature a spoiler-free format. Check them out at


Second, we are adding season titles to replace season numbers. From here on...
Season 1 will be known as “Awakening”
Season 2 will be known as “Transformation”
Season 3 will be known as “Initiation”

Beginning at the end of January, all new members will start their Hunt A Killer journey with the season “Initiation.”

All current members will transition to "Initiation" once they complete all episodes in their current season.

Why are we making this change?

1. To cut down on spoilers.
2. To reduce our Internet Search Results footprint.
3. To offer a variety of material for you to enjoy.
4. And to give you a more unique experience.

How will this affect you?

If you are currently playing “Awakening,” your next season will be “Initiation.”
If you are currently playing “Transformation,” your next season will be “Initiation.”


The most important takeaway (read carefully):


Each season has been designed to be independent of the others, meaning you DO NOT need to experience one specific season in order to make sense of the others.

At the same time, the stories from each season still naturally transition from one season to the next in order to provide an uninterrupted subscription box experience.  

Each season takes place in the same "world," but with separate storylines. There may be some characters that transfer over to separate seasons for continuity's sake, but all clues to solve each season are self-contained within each specific season. 

The bottom line: you will not miss out on any clues or important information and your story will still transition naturally into the next season once you complete your current one. 


Will the story/game change?

No. Your story/game will not be interrupted. You will not be missing anything. Your experience will be enhanced, the Hunt A Killer universe will grow, and we will continue to provide an engrossing, informative, and entertaining game.

Thank you for your membership, thank you for your time, and as always, Happy Hunting.

The Hunt A Killer Team