host a hunt a killer meet up

How it Works:

Meet-up hosts receive rewards based on how many tickets are redeemed!

(tickets are free)

Reward system:

10 tickets redeemed- free month of membership

20 tickets redeemed - free 1968 box

30 tickets redeemed - free 1973 box (or case of equal or lesser value)

40 tickets redeemed - free year subscription OR premium case of equal or lesser value

60 tickets redeemed - free year subscription AND choice of premium case


Meet-up hosts also receive an affiliate code and receive 10% of all sales generated from their code.

Host Responsibilities

1. Choose and secure a location.

2. Choose a date to host your meet up.

3. Spread the word about your meet up with as many people as possible and direct them to redeem a ticket.

4. Host the meet up.

Hunt A Killer Responsibilities

1. Send the host a marketing template which can be used as a guide to get the maximum number of attendees at the meet up.

2. Co-promote the meet up on and on the Hunt A Killer Facebook group.

3. Create an Eventbrite page for hosts to direct attendees to redeem tickets.


Apply to host a Hunt A Killer Meet Up

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