Awakening Episode 1

+ Listening Friends of America Letter

This letter serves as your introduction to Listening Friends of America. The letter comes directly from Vice President and Chief Welcoming Agent, George Madson. It is important to note who sends these letters and their job titles.

+ The Swan

Ink impression of a swan floating on still water with a patch of high grass behind it.

+ The Star Chart

A map featuring many constellations. These constellations will continue to appear throughout this season. It is important to recognize that “The Swan” image is connected to the “CYGNUS” constellation.

+ The String

Taped to the back of the star chart is a small piece of a harp string that is about an inch in length. This string represents Orpheus by way of his lyre. Orpheus is directly connected to the “CYGNUS” constellation and represents the inability to look back (you cannot undo your communication with JWJ).

+ Photocopy of Newspaper Article

The newspaper article photocopy lays the groundwork for the idea of failing infrastructure that can be applied to the Listening Friends of America organization. Further research of other articles by the same reporter will reveal connections to the Star Chart.

+ Newspaper Clipping - HINT

This newspaper clipping includes two articles, one titled "Endangered Cat Terrorizes Local Housewife," the other titled "Body Found on Weise Island." A code is handwritten at the bottom of one article.

The code is a book cipher that uses the line number and word number of the article titled "Body Found on Weise Island" as its source text.

+ Newspaper Clipping - REVEAL

Using the article titled "Body Found on Weise Island" as the source text, the code at the bottom of the newspaper clipping reveals a message: "I have already confirmed we will be bodies of merit and diligence."

+ John William James Letter

Your first contact with John William James is an introduction. JWJ deduces that he and you are not unalike; in fact, he believes that your involvement in Listening Friends of America aligns your “curious nature” with his own “insatiable” curiosity.

The redacted words from the newspaper article are identical phrases used within this letter.

+ A Quick Note about Inspector Notes

Inspector notes are available for all episodes (except Episode 8). These notes are intended as a hint system, so there is little to reveal about their contents. It is important to note who the Inspector is for each entry and what items may be left out of the official note.