Hunt A Killer Customer Receives Surprise Delivery from... a Panda?

Yes, you read that correctly. Hunt A Killer customer Lauren, received a notification from her Ring Doorbell app one day to find a large panda dancing around with her monthly murder mystery delivery.

Lauren was surprised to say the least, but figured someone was playing a one-time prank on her. Until it happened a second and third time in the following months.

So who WAS this special delivery panda?! We can’t give away the surprise, because this prankster still has plans to continue the joke. We redacted and edited parts of the email to keep the panda mastermind’s identity safe!

So I have been pranking Lauren for the last few months with Hunt a Killer boxes. She started to suspect something was going on so she bought a Ring doorbell.

I borrowed a Panda costume from a friend, borrowed a car and stuffed my sister in the panda costume.

It's driving her nuts and we are all thoroughly enjoying torturing her. I'm actually sending someone else to her house tomorrow in the Panda costume to deliver another box.

I have more people involved in the planning process now and have more in store for the future boxes as well. Stay tuned.

I guess this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing the panda! In the meantime, we’ll just be watching these hilarious videos until new ones come out.