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Welcome Back, My Friend

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"This really makes you think and feel like a real detective. I am only on my third box in the first episode and get so excited every time another arrives!" - Amanda C.


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A new detective experience...

A Brand New Storyline

Welcome to Hunt A Killer: Initiation

We've used your feedback to create the most engaging and captivating murder mystery experience to date.

What has changed?

With only six episodes per season, this new story is faster, packed with more wins, and has less opportunity for spoilers. 

Something is not quite right at Listening Friends of America. Can you get to the bottom of it?

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Episode Recaps to measure your progress

Our new episode by episode recaps enable you to check your progress as you solve the clues and connect the dots in your mystery. 

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Enhanced Customer Service

Call: 855-783-0207

Text: 410-983-3311



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Stronger Packages

New Hunt A Killer boxes that are thicker, sturdier, and more durable than ever before.

That means no more receiving damaged packages in the mail.

This mystery is built to last.

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    Receive correspondence from a Serial Killer.


    Solve clues, crack codes, and work as a detective in an immersive murder mystery.


    Join the Hunt with over 30,000 active members around the world.

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    Join Now and Receive 15% off FOREVER with code 'INITIATION'