Hunt A Killer: 1968 has been rated 5-stars by our members!

This has been such a great experience. Would highly recommend!

- Kate T.


The perfect gift for any true crime fan!

- Jess V.


That was a thrill! Thank you Hunt A Killer!

- Rebecca C.


If you love all things detectives, true-crime, and mystery, then this is for you.

- Kaitlyn Y.


Genius. Just plain genius.

- Karen G.

Loved this case. The ending blew my mind!

- Robert F.


The minds behind this are absolutely brilliant.

- Ashley R. 


Such a unique experience. 10/10!

- Peter T. 


Creepy...but awesome!!

- Stephanie T.


If you love the Hunt A Killer monthly membership, you will LOVE 1968! So cool!

- Thomas H.