"It's like a real-world escape room." Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test in one of the most immersive, fun games of your life?



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"... perfect for anyone who stays up watching  Dateline: Real Life Mysteries  and yearns for a mystery of their own."  - Buzzfeed

"... perfect for anyone who stays up watching Dateline: Real Life Mysteries and yearns for a mystery of their own." - Buzzfeed


"... detailed, thematic, and seemingly real." - Fast Company


"... a massive, intricate murder mystery. Does this not literally sound like a dream come true for any true crime fan?" - Bustle



"... not for the faint of heart." - The Washington Post

the game PLAYED by 100,000+ People.

what exactly is 'hunt a killer'?


Imagine a box arrives at your door one day, and you're not sure who it's from...

Actual Hunt A Killer Subscription Box

Actual Hunt A Killer Subscription Box

... You tear off the tape... rip open the top... and peer inside...

What do you find?

Strange objects... photographs... and...

A letter? 

Yes, a letter. 

But from who? And why?

... And how come his words send shivers down your spine?

The only way to find out is to follow the strange clues you're given... use your detective skills...

... and get to the bottom of what terrible crime has been committed...

Following the clues is not easy... Are you willing to do the detective legwork to solve the case?

Following the clues is not easy... Are you willing to do the detective legwork to solve the case?

"Hunt A Killer is a subscription box that's so fun, it's addicting. And so engaging - you'll think it's real."

Pieced together by an amazing team of mystery-thriller writers...

... Hunt A Killer takes you inside the mind of a serial killer as you solve the murder of a lifetime.

The only question is: Do you have what it takes? 


"I feel like a real detective."

- Alicia White, Member


how to play 'hunt a killer'...

(Real Member Photo)

(Real Member Photo)

Step 1: Join Now & Your First Episode Ships Today (If You Order Before 2pm EST)

You'll receive a box that looks just like this. Go on, open it. It won't bite... will it?

(Real Member Photo)

(Real Member Photo)

Step 2: Sort through all the clues - are there patterns? Little details that stand out?

You'll receive "random" objects... letters from a stranger... What do they all mean? Can you uncover the truth?

(Real Member Photo)

(Real Member Photo)

Step 3: Make Your "Murder Board" - and Engage Our Online Community

Just like the detectives in the movies - you too can get your own cork board where you place your clues, and lay it all out for your detective's eye to see...


hunt a killer scores a 9.2/10 on trustpilot with 1,421+ reviews

Here's what a few of our 100,000+ members had to say...


"The way it all falls together is just amazing."

- Leon O., Member


"I love being able to get inside a mystery and exploring it from the inside out. I get to be the detective!!"

- Heather H., Member


"If you love true crime then this is for you!"

- Angela B., Member


"I love my Hunt A Killer family."

- Christina F., Member


"I love the chills I get... it seems so real... I have to remind myself it's make-believe!"

Hurley G., Member


"I finally feel accepted in this group of serial killer enthusiasts."

- Shana B., Member

"This has been my dream, to investigate mysteries and murder like this!"

- Kathleen L., Member


"Getting lost down the rabbit hole of this mystery has been a ton of fun!"

- Jeff H., Member


"Hunting with my daughter is a great bonding experience."

- Toasha J., Member


"Seeing patterns, inking clues, and putting it all together is a fun and rewarding challenge."

- Jess S., Member

"It gives you a rush - deciphering every inch of the box and contents to see what clues you can find."

- Jen C., Member


"I love Hunt A Killer because it lets me become part of the case."

- Jenn S., Member


"My husband and I use it to spend time together."

- Joy V., Member


"I love knowing there's an answer, but it's up to me to find it." 

- Will R., Member


here's everything you get with your membership....

You get a whole lot more than just a box. Here's everything you get...


Your Monthly Box of Mysteries & Clues...

The clues are so good -- so gripping -- that our members can't wait for their boxes to arrive every month. You too will love tearing open your box and discovering what waits for you each and every month...

Plus - everything is crafted by professional mystery writers who are masters at weaving gripping, suspenseful tales.

You'll feel like the hotshot detective in your favorite murder mystery...

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 6.08.30 PM.jpg

Access to Our Secret Facebook Group With 66,000+ Members and Growing...

Feeling stuck? Want to help others on their journey? Feel like showing off your murder board and how you've put it all together?

The Facebook group is YOUR community for learning, sharing, and having fun.


LIVE In-Person Events!

Members love our in-person meetups where you get to have fun and kick back with other people who love mystery and crime as much as you.

Make friends for life.




Feel like a Real Detective - And Catch the Killer.

Have you devoured mysteries, thrillers, and true crime stories your entire life? 

Have you always wanted to put your detective skills to the test?

Then Hunt A Killer is for you.


Amazing Together-Time With Family, Friends, & Loved Ones.

Play with your significant other... your children... your parents... your friends.

Hunt A Killer gives you intellectually stimulating quality time for bonding.


Have a blast organizing your clues and creating your "murder board"

How you sort through your clues is just as fun and engaging as following them!

Create your own system, or get inspired by our thousands of members in  the Facebook group.

Post pictures of your notebooks and boards and share and get inspired!

JOIN THE HUNT now & get a FREE Limited Edition DETECTIVE KIT! ($69 value - supply is LIMITED, hurry!)


Apply now to get in... if you dare...

If you're approved - you'll also get:

  • FREE beautiful Hunt a Killer notebook for all your notes, ideas, and clues ($19 value)

  • 2 COMPLIMENTARY Bottles of Winc Wine! Makes crime solving even more enjoyable! ($26 value)

  • FREE Limited Edition Hunt a Killer Lapel Pin! ($11 value)

  • Plus: All orders placed before 2pm EST will be shipped out the SAME day (All orders after will ship out first thing the next day!).


"Absolutely engrossing and wonderfully put together. I love this!"

- Amanda C., Member


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Hunt a Killer is quite a production to put on! The high-quality materials that make everything feel so "real"... the incredible, mysterious story you travel down as you follow the clues...

But still, our goal was to keep it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible to spread the joy and fun.

That's why subscriptions start at just $25 / mo.

And you can cancel any time.

But fair warning: It's addicting! Once you start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the tale alive.

Who creates the physical clues & stories?

We assembled the most gripping, thrilling, true-crime-loving writers and curators we could find...

Their specialty is hooking you in...

Keeping you on the edge of your seat...

And creating an experience so immersive - it sends shivers down your spine.

That's why our members tell us time after time that it feels so real - and they can't get enough.

How many stories are there?

One of the best things about Hunt A Killer is the fact that the fun never ends.

While each "series" is 6-8 episodes (6-8 months) long... the story never ends.

It's like a gripping TV show that keeps going - only you're the star of the show, Detective.

I have other questions! How can I reach out?

(Live chat icon)

(Live chat icon)

See that little icon in the bottom right corner of your screen?

Click or tap that, and you'll activate our live chat!

Ask any and all questions you have. We'd love to answer them.


Spots are LIMITED. hurry and apply now...

Hunt A Killer has become so popular that we don't yet have enough boxes to keep up with demand.

Memberships are temporarily AVAILABLE right now - but could sell out at any time. 

Join now to get in... if you dare...