"I feel like a real detective."

- Alicia White, Member


here's everything you get with your membership....

You get a whole lot more than just a box. Here's everything you get...


Your Monthly Box of Mysteries & Clues...

The clues are so good -- so gripping -- that our members can't wait for their boxes to arrive every month. You too will love tearing open your box and discovering what waits for you each and every month...

Plus - everything is crafted by professional mystery writers who are masters at weaving gripping, suspenseful tales.

You'll feel like the hotshot detective in your favorite murder mystery...

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Access to Our Secret Facebook Group With 30,000+ Members and Growing...

Feeling stuck? Want to help others on their journey? Feel like showing off your murder board and how you've put it all together?

The Facebook group is YOUR community for learning, sharing, and having fun.


LIVE In-Person Events!

Members love our in-person meetups where you get to have fun and kick back with other people who love mystery and crime as much as you.

Make friends for life.




Feel like a Real Detective - And Catch the Killer.

Have you devoured mysteries, thrillers, and true crime stories your entire life? 

Have you always wanted to put your detective skills to the test?

Then Hunt A Killer is for you.


Amazing Together-Time With Family, Friends, & Loved Ones.

Play with your significant other... your children... your parents... your friends.

Hunt A Killer gives you intellectually stimulating quality time for bonding.


Have a blast organizing your clues and creating your "murder board"

How you sort through your clues is just as fun and engaging as following them!

Create your own system, or get inspired by our thousands of members in  the Facebook group.

Post pictures of your notebooks and boards and share and get inspired!