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Congratulations, you are officially a member of Hunt A Killer!

To start you off on your journey, make sure you have completed the following items:

1. You have joined the Facebook group and/or joined the forum to interact with and get help from other members.

2. You have watched the "Getting Started" video (see below).

3. You have read through your instruction booklet (comes in your first box, download below).

4. You have set up your investigation area (materials to keep notes and stay organized, space dedicated to your hunt).

5. You have kept everything inside your box and have verified you have the right contents on your inventory slip.

6. Once you have finished your episode or get stuck, you have looked at the episode recaps. WARNING: these contain spoilers that you can reveal. They are not required to complete the story, but help you track your progress.


*Stories may change, but your detective skills will always be put to the test.

Download our printable "Getting Started" Guide by clicking the button below