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What Some of Our 100,000+ Members Are Saying


"The way it all falls together is just amazing."

- Leon O., Member


"I love being able to get inside a mystery and exploring it from the inside out. I get to be the detective!!"

- Heather H., Member


"If you love true crime then this is for you!"

- Angela B., Member


"I love my Hunt A Killer family."

- Christina F., Member


"I love the chills I get... it seems so real... I have to remind myself it's make-believe!"

Hurley G., Member


"I finally feel accepted in this group of serial killer enthusiasts."

- Shana B., Member

"This has been my dream, to investigate mysteries and murder like this!"

- Kathleen L., Member


"Getting lost down the rabbit hole of this mystery has been a ton of fun!"

- Jeff H., Member


"Hunting with my daughter is a great bonding experience."

- Toasha J., Member


"Seeing patterns, inking clues, and putting it all together is a fun and rewarding challenge."

- Jess S., Member

"It gives you a rush - deciphering every inch of the box and contents to see what clues you can find."

- Jen C., Member


"I love Hunt A Killer because it lets me become part of the case."

- Jenn S., Member


"My husband and I use it to spend time together."

- Joy V., Member


"I love knowing there's an answer, but it's up to me to find it." 

- Will R., Member


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