Police claim to have solved the case. But things just aren't adding up...


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introducing: 1973. a haunting murder mystery from the makers of "hunt a killer" - the thriller subscription box loved by 18,000+ members & growing


FLUF was a band struggling with bad record sales...

That is, until a stroke of "luck" -- if you'd call it that -- came their way...

Founding member Darryl Fanton was murdered. 

The band gained so much media attention that they rose to fame, and record sales soared...

Police claim to have solved the case... but something just doesn't "sit right" about it...

In Hunt A Killer: 1973, we re-visit the murder of Darryl Fanton to find out, once and for all, who did it.

Limited time offer: enter promo code "MURDER" for 20% off!


Our members speak out about 1973...


"The way it all falls together is just amazing."

- Leon O., Member


"I love being able to get inside a mystery and exploring it from the inside out. I get to be the detective!!"

- Heather H., Member


"If you love true crime then this is for you!"

- Angela B., Member


"I love my Hunt A Killer family."

- Christina F., Member


"I love the chills I get... it seems so real... I have to remind myself it's make-believe!"

Hurley G., Member


"I finally feel accepted in this group of serial killer enthusiasts."

- Shana B., Member

"This has been my dream, to investigate mysteries and murder like this!"

- Kathleen L., Member


"Getting lost down the rabbit hole of this mystery has been a ton of fun!"

- Jeff H., Member


"Hunting with my daughter is a great bonding experience."

- Toasha J., Member


"Seeing patterns, linking clues, and putting it all together is a fun and rewarding challenge."

- Jess S., Member

"It gives you a rush - deciphering every inch of the box and contents to see what clues you can find."

- Jen C., Member


"I love Hunt A Killer because it lets me become part of the case."

- Jenn S., Member


"My husband and I use it to spend time together."

- Joy V., Member


"I love knowing there's an answer, but it's up to me to find it." 

- Will R., Member


how to play...

Step 1: Order your 1973 premium experience

Have your journey back in time sent right to your doorstep!

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Step 2: Immerse yourself into the mystery.

The story sets you up as the auction winner of FLUF's 25-year anniversary gift-set.

These boxes went on sale to the masses in 1998, but your specific box was owned by the band's former manager, who has included some personal items.

Each item somehow relates to the overall mystery, and it's up to you to find out how...

This package includes FLUF’s full album release, 7 tracks on vinyl, as well as an online version of the album. Other items include a FLUF T-shirt, band memorabilla and a bio-booklet that gives the bands history, details of the murder, and a look at what the band members are doing now...

Step 3: You're not alone. Connect with our online Facebook community for help, guidance, and to share in the fun with others.


Thousands of true crime enthusiasts are waiting for you in our special Facebook group for 1973.

If you get stuck, or just want to connect, hop on over to the group to learn and share.


Will you solve Darryl Fanton's murder?

Limited time offer: enter promo code "MURDER" for 20% off!

Frequently Asked Questions


How exactly does this work?

Upon ordering Hunt A Killer: 1973, you will receive a package in the mail.

The package immerses you into an alternate reality, where you are set up as the auction winner of FLUF's 25 year anniversary box set. This box set was owned by the band's former manager, and includes some personal items.

All of the physical items in the box contain clues, codes, and hidden puzzles that you must use to piece together the loose ends and crack the case. 

Who creates the physical clues & stories?

We assembled the most gripping, thrilling, true-crime-loving writers and curators we could find...

Their specialty is hooking you in...

Keeping you on the edge of your seat...

And creating an experience so immersive - it sends shivers down your spine.

That's why our members tell us time after time that it feels so real - and they can't get enough.

How long does it take to solve?

The case is not an easy one to solve.

There are dots to connect, codes to crack, and puzzles to piece together that will all lead you to discover who murdered Darryl Fanton.

Depending on your commitment to the case, it can take anywhere from a weekend to a over a month to solve. It's all about how much time you dedicate to your investigation. 

What if I get stuck?

No problem!

We have a large online community full of other "hunters" that are simultaneously solving Hunt A Killer: 1973.

If you get stuck, you can look for assistance in our Facebook group and forum to point you in the right direction.