Introducing... Hunt A killer: 1973


FLUF, a not-so-popular 1970s rock band caught their lucky break in the most unlucky way. They rose to fame after their lead singer, Darryl Fanton, was brutally murdered. Police claim to have solved the case, but things just don't add up. Many people speculate that the killer may still be out there...

Think you can crack the case once and for all?

This package includes FLUF’s full album release, 7 tracks on vinyl, as well as an online version of the album. Other items include a FLUF T-shirt, band memorabilla and a bio-booklet that gives the bands history, details of the murder, and a look at what the band members are doing now.

This Hunt A Killer premium murder case releases for pre-sale on Wednesday, October 18th at 10 AM EST.

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